About Us

Clone Properties is a  modern Real Estate and properties Exchange platform.


We are an organization that was founded on the sole purpose of creating an avenue for sales, Housing Loan and Property Redevelopment Processing etc. To enjoy the process of having information and building properties in the Federal, Republic of Nigeria. We desire to provide services that are created to aid the public, interested in investing in properties to acquire property at ease.  We are very professional and highly dependent, you can rely with us in getting your property to your doorstep.

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  • Sell or rent a property

    With Clone Properties, you can sell or rent a property following our basic steps and rules in getting a property.

  • Find a property

    Clone Properties is just a tap away from where you are, get a property by registering with us.

  • Work with our team

    With our services running 24 hours daily, we have consultants who are ready to give you real time feedbacks on any enquiry

  • Become a partner

    With Clone Properties, you can invest and partner with us and you will get the best benefits

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