Clone properties is a team of experienced sales and marketing professionals who specialize in recreational land.

Developing Acceleartion

it require a systematic program of management, marketing and sales that is designed for land owners and developers who need to liquidate their development projects in today’s market.

Through careful evaluation and assessment, ACCELERATION will help you design a budget, marketing plan and pricing structure that will achieve your desired level of sales. ACCELERATION will execute it’s proven program of marketing and sales which actively seeks out and converts potential customers. During this process you are kept up-to-date through regular reporting metrics. Our system of evaluation and adjustments to costs and campaigns assure the highest level of efficiency.

Services Overview

  • Project Evaluation Process
  • Marketing & Sales Plan Execution
  • Project Maintenance
  • Vendor Management and Contract Negotiations
  • Permitting and Approvals
  • Managing Property Tax Issues

Our knowledgeable staff of professionals is strategically located in multiple markets and we have proprietary systems in place to begin marketing, selling and managing your project quickly and efficiently.

Call us today to at: +2349098692503 or  send us email at to learn more about the benefits of ACCELERATION, by Clone Properties.

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